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SATE releases new single “Nobody” with a guest appearance from The OBGMs

When I say I miss going to shows in Toronto, I mean I wish I was standing outside of this specific garage right now. SATE released “Nobody”, the second single from her upcoming album The Fool, and the video features a guest appearance from none other than Denz & Cola of The OBGMs.

Watch the video for “Nobody”:

Blending blistering rock n roll with the practice of Tarot, SATE is appealing to all of my interests at once. The artwork for “Nobody” evokes the energy of the Strength card, tying into the track’s message of courage, vulnerability, and “standing in one’s own strength.” The confidence I feel while listening to the song feels like it could only be delivered to me through magick. Rumour has it, she has a custom Tarot deck on the way… and by “rumour”, I mean it’s confirmed to be on the way. Catch me refreshing the merch store until I see it on the site. When sharing about the track, SATE had this to say:

“The saying is, you can’t judge a book by its cover.  We all desire to be important, taken seriously, and especially honoured by others for the strength and unique majick that we have to offer to the world. There have been many times in my life where I have felt passed over, worthless or invisible to certain people. I’m a true believer that no one is above me, nor is anyone below me. I wrote Nobody, to remind me of this belief in the times when I faltered. I wrote this to remind me to meet others with an undefended heart, full of compassion, but also to stand strong in my worth and all I had to offer. Not to get caught up in what others have to say about me or what I may feel that they might perceive of me, but to be my full unique and divinely designed Self”


The Fool is due out November 4th. You can preorder it right here right now.

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