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Interview: SATE shares this stage of her fool’s journey on album ‘The Fool’

The fool’s journey is underrated. The word itself makes you think of someone naive or with their head in the clouds, ignorantly waltzing through the world. But in the tarot deck, the Fool is all about new beginnings, opportunity and potential. Setting forth on a journey into things hereto unknown, the Fool is just excited to be here and for what’s to come. That’s the image SATE captures on her new album, The Fool. Experiencing all of life’s highs and lows, feeling all of them fully, taking the lessons that come with them into the next part of the journey. It’s an album that’s less about taking you on one specific journey, and more about inviting you to go on your own while experiencing SATE’s. As far as albums go, it’s otherworldly.

We had the chance to catch up with SATE and chat about the album, tarot, the importance of timing & trusting your intuition, and following your own divine journey. She’s an absolutely radiant presence — both on stage and in conversation — and we’re so excited to be sharing this interview with you today. Watch it below, and watch the album’s short film as well for the full experience!

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