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Premiere: Sicayda perfect their unnerving sound on “Deeper In”

Sicayda have been walking a tightrope between shoegaze and alt rock since they released their Sown EP in 2019. Today, we’re premiering their new single “Deeper In” here on Soft Sound Press. With it comes a more confident and fully realized iteration of their genre blend, one that’s notably darker. Their new EP is out in December, and this track definitely leaves us ready to hear more ASAP.

Shoegaze has the potential to be super dreamy or incredibly unnerving, depending on which way your influences tip. The band has leaned with their full weight into the latter on this track, and it lands on a sound that fits them perfectly. Right from the dissonant notes in the intro, a sense of uneasiness rushes in like a late November chill in the air. Between layers of blaring guitars, super precise drums, a bass line like a heartbeat, and their strongest vocal performance yet, there’s something new to pick up on every listen. Kudos to engineer/producer Alex Gamble who has mixed this to be one of the most compelling sonic soundscapes I’ve heard all year.

Everything is beautifully produced, every band member is on their A game. It feels like Sicayda is moving forward with purpose, knowing exactly who they are and what they sound like. With this kind of confidence, their upcoming EP is sure to be an instant classic.

Listen to “Deeper In”:

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