Silverstein at The Norva on Soft Sound Press

Photo Gallery: Silverstein at The NorVA [Norfolk, VA]

On April 7, Silverstein made their way to the east coast to play their sixteenth show in Virginia – sold out, of course. After supporting bands One Step Closer, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, and Dayseeker, I could physically feel the anticipation of the crowd as we waited for Silverstein to make their entrance. I slapped on my media pass and waited near the photo pit until I heard the opening ring of Ultraviolet. After shooting the first three songs, I secured my gear and handed it off to the security guard. No way was I missing the craziest pit of the year. I shimmied my way in and left with only a COUPLE battle wounds.

Be sure to catch Silverstein on this tour, or follow along on their Instagram and Twitter.

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