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Premiere: Skeleton Club share delightfully lo-fi “WORMZ” video

There’s aren’t many bands I find as intruiging as Skeleton Club. Sure, there are tons of artists who I’d love to question about their songwriting process, or I appreciate the work that goes into their visuals, but there’s no other band that makes me want to fully study every aspect of how their brains work. Every auditory choice, every music video… everything they do is so interesting to me in its chaos. So of course, I’m extra excited to be sharing their video for “WORMZ” with you today… the latest piece of the Skeleton Club puzzle in my mind.

There’s a fine line when it comes to creating “organized chaos” in creative work. Don’t add enough and it seems like you were forcing the “chaos” side, like when brands try to be cool. Add too much and it’s messy, your message won’t get across and it can seem juvenile. Skeleton Club has built a home and made themselves comfortable right on that line, and they never slip to either side of it. Everything feels like a conscious choice, but in a way that my brain could never fully process. I feel like I should be watching their music videos and then heading to YouTube for someone to break down the details and easter eggs I missed.

I think a big part of it is the mindset behind it. A lot of artists take the lo-fi approach or make left-of-centre choices and act like it’s supposed to be goofy or funny. Skeleton Club will be crawling out of rainwater conduits or doing silly green screen scenes with a different attitude presented. You can tell they don’t take themselves too seriously, but that they do take their work seriously. It’s the best way I can describe it, but I think you should dive into their YouTube channel and watch a few to see what I mean. And, y’know… a great place to start is the brand new video below.

Watch the video for “WORMZ”:

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