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SLUGS gives us a new mantra with “I Could Do Better”

I never realized psychadelic slacker rock was the vehicle I needed to deliver my life-improving mantras. SLUGS have opened my eyes to the future I could be living in with their new single “I Could Do Better“.

I often find when tracks have a motivational message, they lean so hard into sounding inspirational that I end up taking them less seriously. They’re preaching to me and I’m stubborn, so therefore I am not listening! SLUGS have given me a great mantra to attract good things into my life, but without packaging it to me as such. I can enjoy the woozy guitars and the 90s-reminiscent vocals… but also end up with “I could do better” stuck in my head, subconsciously encouraging me to do better.

And maybe the big difference is intent. The track was created after “enduring a flight from a poor choice of airline” which… ok, paging John Mulaney to see if Southwest has any flights. But the track title was derived from that moment, later morphing to encompass wanting to bring back more childlike naivety and wonder instead of the jaded indifference we often grow into. It’s not written to be an inspirational track, but it’s here making me a better person. Hell, I’ve got a functional to-do list written out for the first time in at least a month. Can’t believe the solution to becoming my best self was SLUGS all along.

Listen to “I Could Do Better”:

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