Snail Mail on Soft Sound Press by Elena Marti

Photo Gallery: Snail Mail at The Capitol Theater (Olympia, WA)

Back in April, Lindsey Jordan’s solo project Snail Mail debuted in Olympia, WA at the Capitol Theater. The term ‘snail mail’ refers to the slower process of delivering hard copy letters via the postal service. However, while Jordan’s sound certainly doesn’t drag, it is very much worth waiting for, blending softness with raw emotion that leaves you hooked and entranced.

In the darkened 2,000 capacity theatre, emotions were high as the lighting tests flickered, the crowd full on chanting and shouting ‘ready’. The stage was decorated with cupid statues and flowers, with wires were woven between the ornaments. While the crowd waiting for her to appear, Madonna blasted through the speakers and concertgoers danced off their jackets, filling the cozy space with warm energy and excitement.

Snail Mail had surely been missed. Back in 2019, I was fortunate enough to see her open for Mac DeMarco at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, and it was so good to see her back onstage. Unfortunately, she had been unable to tour when the album was released last November, undergoing – and recovering from – vocal chord surgery. Singing “So why’d you wanna erase me?” from the lead single Valentine on her recently released album of the same name, you could hear Snail Mail was back and stronger than ever. Arms crossed, swaying to the music, hugging herself, with blonde hair falling into her eyes, the crowd loved her, and you could tell… to quote Valentine again, she adored them.

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Elena Marti

Elena Marti (she/they) is a Latinx photographer looking at life through a viewfinder, currently on Duwamish land (Seattle, WA).

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