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How to Make Oatmilk (EP) by spill tab

A quick and easy 4-ingredient, 7-minute way to make Oatmilk (EP) by spill tab! Naturally creamy and sweet; perfect for heartbreaks and dancing in your room!

Author: spill tab

4 songs~7 mins

Cuisine: Gluten-Free, Vegan


  1. “Calvaire” — a french word that translates to long and intense emotional suffering. OUCH, my heart! This song is a dance-in-your-bedroom-and-try-to-forget-all-the-ways-you-made-excuses-for-love type beat. It’s alluring while light and airy, and it’s all in French. *opens Duolingo*
“Tes promesses, toutes éphémères” / ”Your promises, all ephemeral”
  1. “Cotton Candy” — Phew. That chorus is pain personified in the most poetic way. “Was my embarrassment enough / to make you see it?” Short, sweet and to the point so quickly you’re left still clutching your chest as the song ends.
“Of your avoidance like a knife / in my cotton candy side”
  1. “Santé” — A dreamlike escape to a hole-in-the-wall discotheque in the middle of Paris. Slow, sultry, sweaty and intoxicating. I need a plane ticket, stat. Find me the steamiest Parisian club, I want this song on repeat the whole night!!
“Danser dans tes aromas / Mieux que dans tes bras” / “Dance in your aromas / Better than in your arms”
  1. “Name” — This track stands out the most for me on this entire project. Ending the first chorus with a little bass drop and then punching you in the face with the lyrics “I’d rather try and dry off in a hurricane / than be the one to give you back your first name”. Talk about breathtaking! Terms of endearment, the nicknames you give your partner when you bond is like family. Then to be called or call them by their actual name, as if they’re in trouble, is such a heartbreaking way to symbolize the distance that has grown between you. It’s catchy, it’s raw and masterfully produced. I love this song. 
“And fuck you, being honest is my worst trait”


  • Open Spotify or Apple Music
  • Search “oatmilk by spill tab”
  • Hit play (on repeat)
  • Approach with caution and prepare to be obsessed
  • Be ready to sing and dance and maybe learn a little French


After my first listen through of this EP, I got the same feeling I did when I first listened to Billie Eilish’s Don’t Smile At Me EP in December 2018. It’s the best feeling you can get while listening to music — a feeling of finding exactly what you didn’t realize you were looking for. Other than this EP, listen to “Decompose” from spill tab — I’m obsessed. I can’t wait to devour everything that comes next for Claire!

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