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Guest Playlist: Strange Breed channels our revenge fantasies on “Reputation”

Strange Breed is one of the best bands I’ve found this year, hands down. 2020 has been terrible but the music has been top tier, so competition is fierce. The band’s latest single, “Reputation,” brings out a hidden part of me that apparently only wants revenge. It’s scathing and painfully relatable for a lot of people, but the chorus brings a feeling of hope and empowerment. It’s a beautiful balance to help exorcise that pain from your life and find a way forward.

Yesterday, Strange Breed premiered the video for “Reputation” on New Noise (which you can now watch below). The moment where each of the band members are shown in separate shots repeating “you’re not alone” in the second verse? I got chills and literally almost started crying. This video is impossibly cathartic. I feel like I just attended a super effective 5 minute + 42 second therapy session.

And because they’re literally amazing, Strange Breed put together a guest playlist for you to listen to of songs they love. I threw “Reputation” right at the top so you can’t miss it, but they’ve picked another 38 songs (!!) for you to check out. Hit play and let the music heal you. If possible, try to avoid the revenge route.

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