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talker kicks things up a notch with new video for “Learning The Feeling”

After releasing lead single “Keep Me Safe” in October, talker has returned with “Learning The Feeling” — a stunning grunge pop track that hooks you from the very first moment her damp feet hit the linoleum. Confused? Check out the video and meet us below to continue your talker education.

In case you’ve fallen in love with talker as quickly as I have, let’s run through the basic facts you’ll need to jump on board the bandwagon. Celeste Tauchar is an LA-based musician who just released her first EP earlier this year. The name “talker” is based off the mispronunciations of her last name, which… yeah, that’s probably exactly how I would have said it. You got me there.

Her songs have a certain melancholy behind them without seeming drenched in self-pity. They feel more alive. Not trapped dwelling in a tough moment; they’re acknowledging the problems and actively looking for a way forward. These songs feel like they’ve been to therapy and really dedicated themselves to the process.

Talker press photo 2019

If the few songs she has online aren’t enough to tide you over until the next one, maybe this live Lana Del Rey cover will do the trick. If not… I guess you’ll just be waiting impatiently like the rest of us.

Be sure to follow talker on Spotify so you know as soon as new music drops. You can also tell her how much you love “Learning The Feeling” on Twitter / Instagram.

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