Tetchy press photo 2020

Tetchy is only just getting started with “Quitter”

How often do you hear one song from an artist and decide you’d give your life for them? With only two tracks currently available, I’ve decided Tetchy is worth that risk. Their latest single “Quitter” is the perfect way to get committed ahead of the release of their EP, h o u n d s, this Friday.

This song guided me through a whole range of emotions better than my therapist ever has. Starting off softer and more introspective, the track ebbs & flows into literal wails and back again. I have the same feeling in my chest that I got watching the scene with all the women screaming/crying in Midsommar. It’s cathartic, and it’s weirdly soothing to have someone else living these visceral emotions while you listen. I feel known and understood. This track is pure magic.

I’ve never wanted to live in Brooklyn more than when I realized I could be seeing this band all the time if I was right there, but for those that are in the area… don’t you dare miss their EP release show at Our Wicked Lady on March 5th.

Tetchy press photo 2020

Listen to Tetchy’s brand new EP, h o u n d s, this Friday on Spotify/Apple Music, and share your kind words with the band on Instagram.

Paige Williams

Paige is a writer & creative multi-hyphenate living in Hamilton, Canada. Every band she loves breaks up eventually, but she can't find the witch who cursed her to this life. You can find more of her work on Billboard, Consequence of Sound, A.Side, and Paige Backstage.

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