The Kelseys press photo 2020

The Kelseys have us falling in love with their new single “If I’m Falling”

The Kelseys define their genre as indie pop-rock. Since their new single sounds like a mad scientist fused Imagine Dragons’ “It’s Time” with One Direction’s “Perfect”… yeah, I’d have to agree. “If I’m Falling” is an absolute delight, and it’s available now.

The Kelseys are named after the University of Michigan’s Museum of Archaeology, which is a move I’m not sure I’ve seen before. They’ve been working to merge their different influences with stadium pop. This can be a tricky feat to aspire to. Commercial pop can tip too far into sounding carbon copied, and tipping towards unique influences could make it seem too busy for this purpose. However, The Kelseys hit it right on the mark. Every element is added in the exact right amount, leaving us with the perfect mixture for accessible and unique indie pop.

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