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The Ocean Cure revive my love for metalcore in 2019

There are some genres that I associate with certain periods in my life. Metalcore brings me back to 2012 Warped Tour, so when I crave it… I tend to automatically drift back towards bands like Pierce The Veil. I’ve been making a conscious effort to give myself current options as well, and I’ve found one that isn’t even far from home. Toronto band The Ocean Cure have officially brought me back to metalcore in 2019.

The first song that really caught my attention was “Huntress” but their whole RE: Discover EP is super high quality. I think a lot of past bands in the genre that held onto the sound felt dated on newer releases. And a lot of the songs I look back on haven’t aged well or just haven’t held up over time. The Ocean Cure has made the sound work for 2019. I don’t feel like I’m looking back on a relic, it works for right now.

“Structures” is the lead track on the EP and is a great place to jump in. Plus, they put together a sick video for it an hEY IS THAT JAMES FROM RYLS STARRING IN IT??? IT SURE IS!

Even though their music feels current, it still gives me the feeling of being 20 again and not having quite as many adult-life burdens on my shoulders. Whereas before this EP would make me throw myself into the pit with reckless abandon, it now makes me feel peaceful. Is this… growing up?

The Ocean Cure has a bunch of shows coming up in Ontario and Quebec, so be sure to keep an eye out for a gig near you.

If you want to listen to The Ocean Cure’s tracks along with a bunch of other songs I think are cool right now, follow this playlist! If you’re looking specifically for more Ontario music…I’ve got you covered too.

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