The Regrettes on Soft Sound Press - photo by Lissyelle Laricchia

The Regrettes prepare us for album of the year with latest track “Monday”

I am a Lydia Night stan first and a human second. Our newly 21-year-old punk princess is back with besties and bandmates Genessa, Brooke and Drew to give us “Monday”, the first single off the upcoming album from The Regrettes (release date: ‘soon’). Was this single released almost 2 months ago and am I just now getting to it? YES, BUT IT NEVER GETS OLD, OKAY?!

Open my door, I step between my clothes 
Can’t find the floor, it’s been like this before
Still washing stains but I know they won’t fade
These growing pains, they push me till I break

The Regrettes have been teasing their new album since the summer and I am absolutely on the edge of my seat. 

Feeling angst is the entire point of the human condition, in my opinion. Everyone goes through this daily spiral of “Does everyone secretly hate me?” “Am I doing enough?” “What’s the point anyways?” “Actually, I’M the one who hates everyone else and they should be lucky to know me!!!”  “Ugh, why can’t I keep my room clean and why am I always so sad?” right? …Right?? And if there is one thing The Regrettes do well — besides everything — it’s capturing that exact feeling. 

I’m pulling down eyelids, two at a time
I swear it’s just my sinuses, I’ll be fine
An existential crisis and it’s only a Monday
Tell me I’m alive

The bridge is giving very much hyperpop, which pairs perfectly with their music video that’s reminiscent of early 00’s school dances. It definitely transports me back to middle school. The overwhelming feeling that you’re never enough. And yet, we push on and we keep trying, because, hey! [we’re] still alive. 

Gotta get the fuck out of L.A.
Run from the sun before it burns my brain 
I’ll cut the brakes
Hey, I’m still alive

 If you live in LA (or follow the band on socials) you might have seen the “Get The F*ck Out Of L.A.” Moving Company van and to me, the only thing this could mean is: TOUR!!!! I’m beyond excited!

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artist photo by Lissyelle Laricchia

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