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Tidal Wave channels a dreamy post-apocalyptic love on “Our Silhouettes”

What we all need right now is a song that is completely filled with alt-rock heaven. Tidal Wave brought just that to the table with their new song, “Our Silhouettes.”

The key to a proper, well written song is a good story that we can all fall in love with or resonate with in any shape or form. No matter what kind it is. This song shares the story of a romantic relationship that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and so now, let’s delve into this story and see where it takes us. 

There is a dreamy synth element in this song, which does add to the song. As well as the riffs and the vocals itself. They all compliment the song in every way.

As for the lyrics, I can already picture that love story in my head while the song plays. I almost imagine different love stories between post-apocalyptic characters in movies and TV shows. Hey, any post-apocalyptic setting show or movie that is looking for a song to add to their soundtrack — why not add “Our Silhouettes”?

Overall, Tidal Wave did something amazing with this song and proved themselves as terrific songwriters and storytellers. This song is alt-rock heaven at its finest and it may as well be on every alt-rock playlist there is in this world.

Watch out, World. Tidal Wave is coming to take over the music scene!

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Baylee Avery

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