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Tiny Kingdoms give us a head start on our summer 2022 playlist with new EP

We may be headed into colder weather, but we just started a new playlist for summer 2022. How can you blame us when Tiny Kingdoms just released such a beachy collection of songs with their new For A Moment We Were All Alone EP? The Chicago band fuses the sounds of modern pop punk/emo with dashes of electronica and mainstream pop. Coming in at a mere 13 minutes, it’s a quick EP that delivers only what you need with no filler. It makes for the perfect blend of blissful summer energy… and maybe it’s just what we need to get us through the winter.

We’re glad to see the band themselves agree with our vibe check:

“‘For a Moment We Were All Alone’ was composed with the intent of being the soundtrack to the summer. The songs are meant to be the background music to all of your summer essentials: nights around the bonfire, sun-soaked days at the beach, and late-night drives with the windows rolled down and the stereo at max volume.”

Jake Newling, Drummer for Tiny Kingdoms

Watch the video for “Yuna”:

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