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Tiya pours her heart out in debut single “Chamomile Tea”

I should be asleep now, but this divine, sweet-to-the-ear song is too good to be slept on! Vancouver-based alternative pop artist Tiya delivers a mellifluous performance in her debut single “Chamomile Tea”. Released on July 2, the singer-songwriter shares an accompanying lyric video and fundraiser. 

I can’t help but to play this song while drinking my own cup of chamomile tea. Like the herbal drink, Tiya’s melodic vocals and picturesque verses are soothing and easily digestible. She doesn’t need to rely on the bitterness of self-deprecating jokes and ill-conceived messages on mental health. Instead, Tiya reveals her hidden emotions to listeners, sharing the tug-of-war battle occurring in her mind.      

“I want to be there for you / But I can’t be there for you if I’m barely there for myself”

Engulfed in darkness, she pensively watches a small flame rise from a mug. From visual metaphors to image-laden lyrics, Tiya uses her euphonic vocals in conjunction with her knack for storytelling to share anecdotes of her personal life. On her website, she explains how she used this creative forte to express her journey with mental health.

“Many people close to me struggle with mental health and depression…I was putting this pressure on myself to be perfect and healthy for my friends and family, even though they would understand more than anyone what I was feeling: anxious outta my mind.” 

The release of Tiya’s debut single is accompanied by a fundraiser for Anxiety Canada—an organization that develops “free online, self-help, and evidence-based resources on anxiety.” All proceeds from streaming and downloads of “Chamomile Tea” will go towards the organization to help create affordable and accessible mental health resources. Upon DMing proof of a donation to Tiya, expect to receive an “AnxieTea by Tiya” awareness bracelet in your mailbox.  

Like the burning torch in the cup, feel the melody’s warmth and lyrics in your chest. While heavy, the emotions are not suffocating; you breathe easy, relieved that someone finally put your thoughts into words. Can’t wait to hear more of Tiya’s extraordinary songwriting as her debut will leave listeners parched for more soul-gratifying tunes.

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