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Guest Playlist: Valley reckons with becoming a commodity on “SOCIETY”

I will put my hand on a bible or a copy of Rolling Stone or whatever you believe in and solemnly swear that there’s no other band knocking out pop hits like Valley. Ontario’s very own alt-pop superstars have been consistently gifting us with tracks that mean everything to me. They’re impossibly catchy, they let me process my feelings while dancing it out (unless I put on “All the Animals I Drew as a Kid”… then we Cry), and their knack for summarizing the 20-something human experience is uncanny.

Their latest single “SOCIETY” is prerequisite listening for anyone releasing their own art in 2021. Whether you make music, paint, write poetry, film YouTube videos… it’s hard to not let what people want influence what you do. Feeling like you’re selling out or getting backed into a corner by others’ expectations or requests can make you feel trapped. This song may not give you the solution, but at least it will make you feel seen, understood, and put a little extra bounce in your step.

As a long time Valley stan, I know all I listen to is Valley. But I wanted to know what they’re listening to. Rob, Karah, Mickey, and Alex put together a playlist for us of 18 songs that give a little glimpse into the world of Valley. If I listen to it long enough, maybe I’ll be able to figure out how to put my feelings into music the way they do. And if not, at least I can find 18 new songs for my non-Valley listening hour.

A note from Valley:

These 18 songs describe what VAL˥EY would listen to if they were one person!! We’re in the middle of writing and producing our next project and these are some artists we always go back to when we feel stuck or need to find some new inspiration!!

Each one of these songs has a unique element whether it’s a drum groove or a lyric or a synth sound that we’re obsessed with!! Hope you enjoy listening to it and discover something new! There’s also some songs on here by our dear friends who we’ve written / co-produced with as a band!

Listen to the Valley guest playlist on Spotify:

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