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Vealy has us crying on the dance floor with “Joanie”

Vealy will have you loving Joanie as much as she does with this tune. Somehow keeping a modern vibe while also evoking an 80’s feeling, Vealy has hit this one out of the park. It’s a relatable song, featuring a story about mistakes made in a past relationship: “If I had called a little sooner / then you might still be here.” 

Joanie” is the type of song that would play over a movie montage while someone reminisces over their long-lost lover. It’s sad and hopeful at the same time, and lovely all the way through. Vealy really shows off her vocal range and talent just past the two minute mark, right before the final chorus.

Whoever and wherever Joanie is, I hope she’s doing well. And after one listen, you’ll hope so, too.

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Caitlin Rose

Caitlin Rose is studying Music Business at Full Sail University, and is excited to be graduating in April 2021. In the meantime, she is writing and working as a social media content strategist. And also snuggling with her dog, like, all the time. You can also find her work on Restless Music Magazine.

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