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Interview: Vi shares lyrical revenge fantasies on “Dead To You”

When you’re going through a breakup, I feel like there’s no better feeling than hitting the “revenge” stage of grief. The healthiest point is when the pendulum comes back to a calm centre, of course. But when it’s still swinging… that initial WHOOSH from depression to being totally detached is the indication that you’re on your way back. Vi captures this intensity perfectly on “Dead To You“, outlining the metaphorical murder of a relationship and their memories of each other (through what sounds like an episode of 1000 Ways To Die). Ah, catharsis!

The track is made even more thrilling by the introduction of a new sound into Vi’s usual offerings. Blending the fury of pop-punk’s finger-pointing vitriol with crystal clear production, sultry vocals, and 808s… it’s giving a new look at what the future holds for all genres of music when we all agree that Avril Lavigne is an inspiration behind our work across the board. With her debut album, Afterlife, dropping on March 23rd, Vi promises this track is more of an outlier than an expectation for the rest of the album… but that just makes us appreciate this example of her range even more.

We had a chance to chat with Vi about her new music, the pressure to create when your audience grows quickly, and the importance of prioritizing creating music over content (and limiting your hours spent playing Halo). Check it all out below!

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