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Grab Your ‘Remote’ & Tune In To Wallows Latest EP

Grab your remote and turn your attention to Wallows, the indie band from Los Angeles who are on their way to stardom! And who just so happen to be my favorite band. 

Wallows released their second EP, Remote, a little over a year after their debut album, Nothing Happens, which was released in March of 2019. Remote is definitely a departure from their original sound, but in their own words, this new sound is “more ‘Wallows’ now than ever before.”

Evolution is at the heart of human nature and I love the band’s willingness to try something new and continue to evolve as they grow as people and as artists. It’s risky, it’s avant garde, and it’s refreshing as hell. They took their time in lock down and gave us this late 90’s/early 00’s inspired, 6-track EP that made me think of all my favorite rom-coms. Let’s watch & listen as I take you through the WCU (read: Wallows Cinematic Universe).

INT. Schafer’s House — Early Morning 

We see LIL’ SCHAEF waking up to his house decorated for a party. He goes downstairs to investigate. SCHAFER, is asleep on the couch in his robe. We see Lil’ Schaef pick up a remote and turn on the radio. 

The camera zooms into the radio and we find ourselves in a virtual matrix, inside the radio. 

INT. Virtual Aerobics 

We catch two of our MAIN CHARACTERS falling in love over the course of the night. They share intimate, loving glances thinking about how it only takes a second, an instance, or the one time the other one says something, in that certain way, to make them see it i.e.,love, totally new. Their time together comes to an end, and neither of them are ready to let go. Maybe it’s love, maybe it’s forever. 

Movie Companion: Before Sunrise (1995)

INT. Dig What You Dug 

MAIN CHARACTER #1 is faking it ‘til they make it, trying to appear unbothered. They want so badly to be seen, but not as basic, not as mainstream. MAIN CHARACTER #2 sees right through the facade. They know that MAIN CHARACTER #1 wants to love and to be loved just like the rest of us. The two of them fall in love, fast, and finally MAIN CHARACTER # 1 is ready to give up their act. They hate the way they don’t hate them, not even a little bit, not even at all. 

Movie Companion: 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

EXT. Nobody Gets Me Like You  

It’s the night of Schafer’s party, school’s out for summer, and everyone is falling in love. MAIN CHARACTER #3, or Curly Fry Guy as their friends lovingly dubbed them, is looking for love. They lock eyes with someone–MAIN CHARACTER #4–at the party and instantly, they know it’s love. A connection builds over stolen glances, bringing them closer and closer and closer still.  

Movie Companion: Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)

EXT. Coastlines

Long distance is hard for everyone, not to mention the added pressure of outside forces and other people’s opinions. MAIN CHARACTER #3 & MAIN CHARACTER #4 try their hardest to keep everyone at bay. They stay in for the night, shutting out the entire world to focus on them. It’s bliss, if only for tonight. 

Movie Companion: How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998)

INT. Talk Like That

Heartbreak follows our MAIN CHARACTERS, the arguing sometimes feels endless. Did they mean what they said? Did they mean it like that? But then they remember they are made of the same stuff, destined to be together. Intertwined, bickering like an old married couple who know each other better than they know themselves. 

Movie Companion: Clueless (1995)

EXT. Wish Me Luck

Our MAIN CHARACTERS find themselves in a tale of almosts, so closes and if onlys. Miscommunication is their downfall. Star-crossed lovers, wrapped up in insecurities and assumptions. If they can learn to support one another unconditionally, their love can withstand the most disastrous of mishaps. 

Movie Comparison: Romeo + Juliet (1996)

A voice comes over the radio. 


Hey, how do you change the station on this thing?

We are transported out of the virtual matrix and land in the back of some random dude’s van. We see three guys ordering food at a drive-thru. 


They can make them curly!


Screen Cap from Wallows–“Wish Me Luck” (Official Video)
Director of Animation: Daniel Cordero

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