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Guest Playlist: Yester Daze meet at the crossroads of stadium rock & punk on ‘Yours To Follow’

Yester Daze have made their big debut at an interesting moment in time. Their music is perfectly suited for either a sold out stadium or a dingy underground bar, but we can’t hear it in either setting. Their new EP, Yours To Follow, gives us a lot to look forward to when we’re finally allowed out, and the rock playlist they made for us gives us a lot of ideas for potential tour lineups. A LOT.

The Montreal trio takes inspiration from bands like Foo Fighters, Royal Blood, and My Chemical Romance, but doesn’t sound like they’re carbon-copying any of them. A perfect example of lifting inspiration without lifting an entire identity, the band’s sound shape-shifts even when only given four tracks to do it within. “Light It Up” puts them in the same harder rock league as FEVER 333, while “Beautiful Day” pulls them back to more of a Blind Melon sound. And the best part is that they’re able to perform any of these sub-genres in such an authentic way. Perhaps it’s just a testament to the strength of their songwriting. The lyrics are so honest and the music so infectious, they can become whatever style of rock they want to be in a given moment. Nothing gets you more excited about a band’s future than realizing they are capable of… literally anything.

Canadian bands never stop giving us reasons to love and support them endlessly, and Yester Daze are right at the top of our good list. They’ve put together a playlist for you with some of the rock songs that they’re loving (with a very CanCon-friendly percentage of local bands). We threw a couple of their tracks in there because it’s a perfect fit. Very cool to see a band match the level of the bands they look up to, especially this early in their career! Give it a spin this afternoon and let the band know what you think — our top tip is that if you put on this playlist and go for a run, you’ll feel like you’re in the final battle in a Transformers movie. Trust us.

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