Yungblud Vevo Lift 2019

Yungblud & Vevo LIFT celebrate being lonely together

As the latest artist to join the Vevo LIFT family, Yungblud has taken this opportunity to create and put his own twist on it. While still releasing the same performance style videos we’ve come to love from the series, he’s taken his out-of-the-box approach to bring us something else: a short film celebrating the persona he presents to the world and the audience he’s surrounded himself with.

lonely together shows us the power of creating your own community when you can’t seem to find a space for yourself in the world. Between Dom himself and the fans he cast in the film, they all speak about not having a place they felt seen/heard until they found each other. Music is the universal language that can unite us all, and some artists just seem to have a fanbase that goes a step further. When your whole persona is built on expressing yourself honestly and speaking your mind, it makes sense that your audience would build up their community on the same principles. His fans respect each other for their similarities and differences alike, and truly support each other. You can see it online and you can see it at his live shows. Not everyone can cultivate such a positive community, and many start to grow out of control and go off the rails by this point. Dom has made it look easy.

Yungblud Vevo Lift 2019

Between Vevo’s two programs for breaking artists (DSCVR and LIFT), they seem to be consistently on the pulse of what’s about to be huge. Watching artists start at the DSCVR level with a tight-knit group of fans, move through LIFT selling out shows, and then headlining major festivals & arena tours… it’s magical to witness. And having such a prolific company lending a hand to launch the careers of newer artists sets a precedent the industry would be smart to get behind. It’s not all about working with the biggest names who can make you the most money the fastest. It’s about giving a platform to artists that possess that spark and allowing them the space and resources to build gradually. If there’s anything we’ve learned from Vevo’s program roster… it’s a method that works.

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